Are you looking to sell your sterling silver flatware? If so, you’re in luck! We specialize in buying and appraising sterling silver items, including flatware, silverware, tea sets, and even chains. Whether you’re searching for a place to sell sterling silver flatware near you or prefer to sell it online, we’ve got you covered.

At PGS Gold & Coin, we offer competitive prices for sterling silver scrap and pieces in any condition. Our experienced team understands the value of sterling silver and can provide an accurate assessment of its worth. We stay up-to-date with the current market trends to ensure that you receive the best possible sell price for your sterling silver items.

Selling sterling silver flatware has never been easier. Simply bring your pieces to our store, or if you prefer, you can send it in! We receive sterling silver sets every week. We make the process convenient and hassle-free, allowing you to sell your sterling silver flatware with confidence.

In addition to flatware, we also accept other sterling silver items such as tea sets, chains, old jewelry and more. So whether you’re selling 925 sterling silver or any other type of sterling silver, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get a quote for your sterling silver items.

There are different reasons for selling sterling silver flatware.

Perhaps you inherited the set through generations in your family, or maybe you’re not even sure where the box of sterling silver came from. These days most families are using regular stainless steel flatware for daily use. People don’t have the time or energy to polish silver anymore, only to be used for holidays and special occasions. Polishing silver is messy – I know my kids have no interest in how shiny the forks are at Thanksgiving dinner. Storing bulky sets of sterling silver is no fun either.

Most of us have been stuffing the wooden box of silverware under our beds or in the back of the closet for ten years or more, without using it more than a handful of times. With rent prices up and space at a premium in the U.S., selling that old set of forks and knives to get some cold hard cash sounds pretty good, right?

So how do I sell my sterling silver flatware? And where?

Are you supposed to research the manufacturer? Do you need a special scale to weigh silver? How do you get the most money for sterling silver flatware?

If you want to sell any item made of silver, you should always contact a reputable precious metals dealer like PGS Gold & Coin. You will get the best compensation for sterling silver flatware whether you sell it at a PGS store or sell your sterling silver to PGS by mail. The knowledgeable silver buyers at PGS will test items for silver content and pay based on the current spot price of silver.

Because PGS is a Precious Metal Specialist, you can be assured they will pay the highest rate for silver and gold. PGS Gold & Coin are locally owned and family-operated since 2008. There are thousands of 5 Star Reviews of PGS Gold & Coin which prove they are the most trusted buyers, sellers, and appraisers for selling valuables.

Is it worth it to sell my sterling silver flat ware?

Take into account the potential value of your sterling silver flatware. Your sterling silver has appreciated in value over time, making now the perfect time to sell. Selling sterling silver flatware you no longer want or need can be a practical way to generate cash. Ask yourself whether you have a practical use for the flatware. If it’s been sitting unused for a long time and is unlikely to be used in the future, selling the sterling silver flatware for cash may be a sensible choice.

These are the steps to sell your real silver flatware and get you to the bank with CASH in your hand:

If you live in Illinois:

For Illinois residents and customers who reside near one of our store locations, take your sterling silver flatware to a PGS Gold & Coin store. You can even bring that old wooden box. Once you take your silver flatware into the store, you can watch as the items are tested and weighed on a scale.

PGS Gold & Coin pays as close to spot price as possible and matches any competitors price for silver. By selling sterling flatware with PGS, you get the most money possible. PGS has earned the reputation of being the most trusted silver buyers who pay the highest price for precious metals anywhere in the area. Read Reviews about PGS Gold & Coin here

PGS Gold & Coin has multiple store locations in Illinois to serve customers. PGS Gold & Coin stores are safe and secure, with the friendliest silver buyers I’ve ever met. The exceptional customer service will make you want to return to PGS Gold & Coin to sell other valuable items. They also buy coin collections, diamonds, gold jewelry, sports memorabilia, and fine wine. Here is a complete list of items PGS Gold & Coin buys, sells, and appraises. Of course, if you have other items to sell like silver serving sets, or looking for where to sell an antique silver tea set – look no further than PGS Gold & Coin! 

I have Sterling Silver Flatware to sell today! Find the nearest PGS Gold & Coin location

If you live outside of Illinois:

Are you considering selling your sterling silver flatware online? You can send your sterling silver to PGS by mail!

To mail your sterling silver flatware to PGS Gold & Coin: Remove all the silver flatware pieces from the heavy wooden box. Wrap the sharp knives with plastic bags or tape, then pack your silver items into a Priority Mail Flat-rate shipping box from the Post Office and mail the package to PGS 830 W. Northwest Hwy, Suite 7, Palatine IL 60067.

To save on shipping costs, do not include the wood box when shipping flatware.

PGS contacts you within 24 hours of receiving your package. Each piece is tested & weighed to ensure you are paid the highest price for the silver content of your items. If you accept our offer over the phone, a check gets mailed to you the same day. The way to sell flatware by mail is with a precious metal specialist with a reputation for the highest payouts for silver, like PGS Gold & Coin.

PGS Gold & Coin is a Precious Metal Specialist with an A+ Accredited Business Rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


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Read Reviews about PGS Gold & Coin here

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