Cleaning out your jewelry box?
Wondering if your old jewelry has any value?
Is it real gold?


The scrap jewelry buyers at PGS Gold & Coin will evaluate & test your jewelry for precious metals, then make cash offers to buy your jewelry on the spot. PGS makes the highest offers to buy all types of jewelry in the Chicagoland area!



We also buy luxury designer jewelry, Native American jewelry, diamond & gemstone jewelry, antique & vintage jewelry, & costume jewelry We buy whole & broken diamonds, and gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and other semi-precious stones. We pay cash for dental gold, broken gold jewelry, and even gold dust. If you have any type of precious metal laying around, bring it to any PGS Gold & Coin gold buyer retail store for the highest offers to buy your gold for cash.

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If you’re looking for a scrap jewelry buyer where you can sell your scrap jewelry, contact PGS Gold & Coin today. PGS Gold & Coin is a trusted scrap jewelry buyer in the Chicago area and Midwest region.

As Certified Coin Dealers, Appraisers, and Precious Metal Specialists, PGS Gold & Coin buys, sells, and appraises coin collections, stamp collections, gold & diamond jewelry, along with a wide variety of items. PGS Gold & Coin provides free evaluations, estate & insurance appraisals, safe deposit box appraisals, and coin grading submission services. PGS Gold & Coin can assist you in buying, selling, and investing in gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion, palladium bullion, and rhodium bullion, as well as guide you through investing in Precious Metal IRA. PGS Gold & Coin GIA Certified Diamond Buyers appraise diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, and gemstones. PGS Gold & Coin pays top dollar for diamond rings, diamond jewelry, sterling silver, and scrap dental gold. PGS Gold & Coin retail stores feature rare coins, antique silver coins, US gold coins, foreign gold coins, silver dollars, type coins, ancient coins, medals, tokens, old US currency, foreign currency, Confederate currency & Civil War currency. Our online store features all of the above plus fine watches, antique pocket watches, autographed sports memorabilia, historical documents, militaria, US & foreign war memorabilia, comic books, vintage toys, model trains, musical instruments, rare stamps, estate jewelry, luxury fur coats, designer handbags, purses, fine wine collections, antiques, and collectibles. We also buy smartphones, cell phones, iPads, laptops, video game consoles, and other new in-the-box electronics.

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