What You Should Know When Selling Unwanted Silver

Is there any resale value of sterling silver?

When selling unwanted sterling silver, there are several important factors to consider:

Purity and Hallmarks: Authentic sterling silver items are usually stamped with a hallmark such as “925” or “Sterling” to indicate their purity. Make sure your items are genuine sterling silver before attempting to sell them.

Weight: The weight of your sterling silver items plays a significant role in determining their value. Heavier items will generally fetch a higher price. Jewelers and buyers often use grams or troy ounces to measure the weight of silver.

Current Market Prices: The price of silver can fluctuate daily due to market demand and economic factors. Check the current market price of silver to get an idea of what your items may be worth.

Condition: The condition of your silver items can impact their resale value. Items in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear and no significant damage will typically command a higher price than items in poor condition.

Antique or Collector’s Value: Some sterling silver items may have additional value if they are considered antique, rare, or collectible. This can be due to their age, craftsmanship, or historical significance. You may need to have such items appraised by a specialist to determine their worth accurately.

Selling Options: You have various options for selling sterling silver, including pawnshops, jewelry stores, online marketplaces, and specialty silver buyers. Research these options and choose the one that offers the best terms and prices, such as selling with PGS Gold & Coin.

Documentation: If you have any documentation related to the purchase or history of your sterling silver items, it can be helpful in establishing their authenticity and provenance. This may add to their value.

Selling Fees: Keep in mind that some selling platforms or stores may charge fees or commissions. Factor these costs into your decision when choosing where to sell.

When considering where to sell your sterling silver items, remember that you can sell with PGS Gold & Coin for a reputable and reliable option. Be sure to get multiple quotes from different buyers or appraisers to ensure you’re getting a fair price for your unwanted sterling silver items. Additionally, do your research and be cautious of potential scams or unscrupulous buyers when selling valuable items.

sell sterling silver, Selling Sterling Silver. Determining the Worth of Your Flatware, Tea Sets & Serving Ware

How do I tell what the silver items I want to sell are worth? 


To determine the resale value of sterling silver items, you can follow these steps:


Identify the item: Determine what type of silver item you have, such as a flatware set, tea set, or jewelry. Look for any markings on the item that indicate its silver content, such as “925” or “Sterling.” You may also have silver items marked with “800” or “900.” There are many different types of silver items you might find in your household, like silver flatware, silver candlesticks, and silver trays. Here is a list Silver Items You Can Sell For Money


Weigh the item: Use a scale to weigh the item in grams. This will give you a rough idea of its value based on its weight in silver. 


Check the current silver price: Look up the current price of silver per ounce on a website such as Kitco or Bloomberg. Knowing how much one ounce of silver is worth on the current market will give you an idea of the value of the silver in your item, based on its weight. Whether you are selling silver for cash online, or selling silver for melt value, the best time to sell silver is when the current market conditions are favorable to make a profit. 


Factor in other considerations: Keep in mind that the value of sterling silver items may also be affected by factors such as its age, condition, and rarity. If your item is a rare or antique piece, it may be worth more than just the value of the silver. 


Get an appraisal: If you have a valuable sterling silver item that you want to know the value of, consider getting an appraisal from a reputable appraiser. They can provide you with a more accurate assessment of the item’s worth. 


In general, there is a resale value for sterling silver items, as they are often melted down and reused in the creation of new silver products. The value of your silver items depends on current market prices and other factors, as mentioned above. For instance, selling your set of sterling silver flatware, can pay off in a big way when you know the best time to sell.


sell sterling silver, Selling Sterling Silver. Determining the Worth of Your Flatware, Tea Sets & Serving Ware


 Is there any resale value if I want to sell my unwanted sterling silver?


Yes, there is usually a resale value for unwanted sterling silver. The value of your silver will depend on several factors, such as its weight, purity, and current market value. Finding a reputable precious metal specialist is the best way to get the most money for your silver items. By having an idea of what your silver is worth, you have an idea of what to expect when selling your silver.


The first step is to identify what kind of silver items you have that you want to sell. The value of silver is determined by silver content, or purity. Sterling silver is typically 92.5% pure, and the remaining 7.5% is made up of other metals, such as copper or nickel. You can usually find a stamp on your silver indicating its purity level, such as “925” or “Sterling.” 


Next, weigh your silver using a digital scale that measures in troy ounces. This is the standard unit of measurement for precious metals. 


Once you know the weight and purity of your silver, you should check the current market value of silver. The market value of silver fluctuates daily, so you can check the current spot price on websites that track precious metal prices, like Kitco or Bloomberg. By selling silver at the right time, you can get the most money for your silver investment. Your children or grandchildren may not want to inherit the family silver set so selling it may be the best choice. Should you sell your valuable collectibles or leave to heirs? 

sell sterling silver, Selling Sterling Silver. Determining the Worth of Your Flatware, Tea Sets & Serving Ware

Finally, multiply the weight of your silver by its purity level and the current market value to determine its approximate value. Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your silver to a resale or consignment shop, they may offer you slightly less than the market value due to their need to make a profit on the transaction. You can check the BBB for an A+ rated precious metal specialist who buys silver near you and read Verified Reviews to find out about real customer experiences with a specific business. In addition to being the premier precious metal dealer in the area, PGS Gold & Coin prides itself on having some of the most competitive pricing available for selling silver in the Chicago area


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sell sterling silver, Selling Sterling Silver. Determining the Worth of Your Flatware, Tea Sets & Serving Ware


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