Coin appraisals can be quite valuable, especially if you have recently inherited a coin collection, or are simply in need of some accurate information on the value of the coins you own.

Coin appraisal, How to Prepare Your Coins for a Coin Appraisal

In this blog post we wanted to share a few tips on how to get your coins appraised easily and effortlessly.

  • If your coins are in coin albums, leave the coins in place and do not try and remove them.  Some coin collections may be in 3 ring binders that are filled with plastic pages.  Leave the coins in these pages; simply organize the pages by type, using the guidelines we are going to share below.   If some of the coins look dirty, and you get the urge to clean them before your coin appraisal, DON”T DO IT!!!  See our blog post on 5 Reasons NOT to Clean Old Coins by clicking here.
  • If any coins are in hard plastic or boxed holders, leave them intact in those containers.
  • If the coins are in rolls, that are labeled, leave them intact.

Next organize loose coins by each type of coin and place each type into plastic baggies. Label the baggie with the number of coins inside.  DO NOT MIX coin types within bags.    Follow the list below for specific directions on how to organize and sort each coin type.

Sort as follows:


Lincoln, Memorial Reverse

Lincoln, Wheat Reverse

Indian Cents 1880 to 1909

Indian Cents prior to 1880

Flying Eagle Cents

Large Cents 1793-1857


Jefferson Head

Buffalo or Indian Head (Full Date)

Buffalo or Indian Head (Partial Date)

Buffalo or Indian Head (No Date)

Liberty Head or V Type

Shield Type


Roosevelt Head Prior to 1965

Mercury or Liberty Head Dimes

Barber Head Dimes

Liberty Seated Dimes

Bust Dimes


Washington Head Quarters prior to 1965

Standing Liberty Quarters

Barber Head Quarters

Liberty Seated Quarters

Bust Quarters

Half Dollars

Kennedy Head Half Dollars prior to 1965

Franklin Head Half Dollars

Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Barber Head Half Dollars

Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Silver Dollars

Eisenhower Dollars

Liberty Head or Peace Dollars

Morgan Dollars

Seated Liberty Dollars

Early Flowing Hair and Bust Dollars

Gold Coins

 If any World Coins are in hard plastic, cardboard or boxed holders, leave them intact.

world coins

Next, organize loose World Coins into the following groups by placing each type listed below into plastic baggies with the number count on a label or masking tape on each bag.  Sort World Coins as follows:

World Coins

Copper, Aluminum and Nickel coins after 1965

Copper, Aluminum and Nickel coins after 1900, but before 1965

Copper, Aluminum and Nickel coins after 1800, but before 1900

Silver coins after 1965

Silver coins after 1900, but before 1965

Silver coins after 1800, but before 1900

All coins dated between 1700 and 1800

All coins dated before 1700

Gold Coins

  • World Coin Proof sets and boxes should be left in their original holders.
  • On all United States Proof, Mint and Commemorative Sets, envelopes and boxes should be left in their original holders, unopened and organized by year.
  • Tokens and Miscellaneous materials should be sorted separately by type.

Just a few more tips, and you are ready to have your coin appraisal run smoothly.

  • Paper money should be unfolded and placed flat in an envelope.   The key is to ensure as few bends as possible to the note and its corners.   If the paper money is very, very old, be very, very careful!

paper money

  • If you run across some items that are unknown, or not listed above, place separately in a container.
  • If you have an appraiser coming to your home to do your coin appraisal, make certain that the area where the appraiser will be working is well-lit, with a flat workspace.  Typically a kitchen or dining room table would work best.   Make sure that you remain present during the appraisal.

Once the appraisal is completed, it would be wise to keep the collection organized until you make your decision on what you will be doing with your coin collection.

One last note, some long term storage containers can damage coins, check with the appraiser to see if you are using the proper containers to store some of your coins in.

If you are looking to have your coin collection appraised, we would be honored to assist you with the project.  For more information on having PGS Gold & Coin, visit our web site at or give us a call at 847-348-6447.


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Coin appraisal, How to Prepare Your Coins for a Coin Appraisal
Coin appraisal, How to Prepare Your Coins for a Coin Appraisal
Coin appraisal, How to Prepare Your Coins for a Coin Appraisal
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