Do you have a rare bottle of fine wine or a rare bottle of aged whiskey that you’d rather sell than drink?

Selling a bottle of vintage liquor or fine wine from your personal collection can seem like a complicated process, but there PGS Gold & Coin will ensure a successful sale with an easy & uncomplicated process.

First, you will want to have a list of the specific year and producer of the wine you are selling. Whether you are selling a single bottle from your personal cellar, or you want to sell your entire wine collection, having a detailed list gives you the ability to do your own research, as well as share the list with your potential buyer. Once you have a comprehensive list of the wine you want to sell, you can share the list with the PGS Gold & Coin appraisers.

If you possess a fine wine collection and vintage liquors that you wish to sell, it’s essential to find the right buyer who appreciates the value of these treasures. PGS Gold & Coin is your premier wine cave buyer dealing with high-end wine collections and vintage liquors. We have the expertise to assess the true value of your collection and can offer you a fair price for your collection.

Sell your wine collection, How To Sell A Bottle Of Vintage Fine Wine Or An Entire Wine Collection

Selling your fine wine collection and vintage liquors may not be an easy decision, but knowing that you can entrust your collection to someone who understands its worth can make the process more manageable. When you sell the wine from your Cave you can trust that PGS Gold & Coin is the right choice for you. Let’s talk about what you need to include when compiling your wine list for sale.


Include these details on your wine list:

• Vintage Date 

• Country

• Brand Name

• Estate Bottled

• Volume (ml size)


Now, it’s time to take some quick photos of the wine you want to sell. Condition is the most important factor in the value of your wine or vintage liquor. Pictures are an important way to relay the true condition of the bottles you have so a potential buyer will need to see for themselves what condition the bottle or bottles are in. 


Photos should be clear and include the following views:

• Full photo of bottle

• Close-up image of the label

• Top of the bottle

(Be sure the cork or seal is clear & the liquid level is visible.)

If bottles of fine wine or vintage liquor have been subjected to bad conditions like excessive heat, it not only affects the taste of the contents by spoiling the wine, but will also spoil your chances of reselling the unopened product for its highest price. Taking a complete set of clear photos of your wine collection is a MUST when you are selling your fine wine or aged liquor. It’s the best way to ensure a buyer will make a fair offer that you’d be willing to accept.



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